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Support Services

A professional and highly trained network of sales engineers, application engineers, project managers, installation and service technicians backs all Pneumafil products as well as Abington industrial vacuum products and systems. Our R&D staff, unique within this industry, is dedicated to providing technologically advanced enhancements to existing products and the development of new solutions.

Whether it’s a retrofit or expansion of an existing facility or a greenfield site, our experts will design and select the entire system, including filters and waste handling components, to meet the required process and/or regulatory filtration levels.

Our professional installation teams are staffed with the necessary trade skills to install the entire system in a fast and safe manner. Production losses, due to untrained installers and/or safety violations, are virtually eliminated.

Once the system is operational, proper maintenance and operation is essential to guarantee performance and minimal downtime. Our service group is equipped to maintain the complete filtration or waste control system. We can service your system on an as-needed basis or through a service agreement customized to meet your individual site needs.

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