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PneuMax Cartridge Filters

PneuMax Nano Cartridge Filters – For Self Cleaning Pulse Systems

Nederman Pneumafil - PneuMax filter pulse cleaning from Nederman on Vimeo.

Nederman Pneumafil introduces PneuMAX Nano designed specifically for “self-cleaning” filter houses.

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PneuMAX Nano filters are now available in two basic styles.

  1. PneuMax Blended Nano filters are designed to replace Donaldson P19-1280 & P19-1281 filters. The blended cellulose/synthetic filter media is ideal for moderate atmospheric conditions and provides MERV 14 rated efficiency performance. The high dust holding capacity provides a lower operating pressure drop than leading brands of filters with the nano treatment improving surface durability and dust release.

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  2. PneuMax Synthetic Nano filters are designed to replace Donaldson P19-1177 & P19-1178 filters. They include a patented bi-component nano fiber film that offers maximum performance in high moisture conditions. MERV 15 ASHRAE 52.2-2012 and F9 EN779-2012 testing confirm the fully discharged efficiency to exceed all industry standards and to assure maximum and lifelong protection of your gas turbine.

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PneuMax Synthetic Composite Filters – LM6000 Filter House Systems

PneuMax Synthetic Composite filters are designed to replace Donaldson P19-0848 filters. Filters are not constructed with media designed for self-cleaning systems. PneuMAX filters are designed to handle the higher media-to-flow rates associated with conventional static barrier filters. The leading edge pleat profile, combined with individual glue bead separation provide up to a 50% reduction in airflow restriction when compared to original OEM filters.

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PneuMax Filters - Static “Non-Pulsed” filter

PneuMAX static filters are designed for air inlet filter users that have either turned off or see little impact from using the “self-cleaning” mode of their filter house. The unique proprietary synthetic composite media offers 100% ASHRAE E1 efficiency at rated flow. PneuMax static filter design includes individual glue beads that separate and stabilize every pleat resulting in air flow restriction lower than conventional wet laid paper media.

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