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Replacement Filters

Pneumafil has a wide range of filtration options for all styles of filter house systems. Air inlet filtration is a critical element to assure maximum operating efficiency of a gas turbine.

Properly selecting and maintaining the filtration system can increase the performance and extend run time of the gas turbine as well as minimize unplanned maintenance associated with unexpected filter failure.

Different styles of filter houses require different types of filtration. Proper filter / component selection should include consideration of environmental factors such as ambient dust concentration; humidity; intense periods of moisture such as fog, rain, and snow; and the durability required over the life of the filter.

To learn more about how to properly select filters, read our White Paper:Evaluating Performance Data of Gas Turbine Filters

Parts & Service Terms and Conditions
  • Exact Fit Pulse Filter Cartridge

    Pneumafil brand high efficiency filter cartridges designed for use in pulse cleaned gas turbine inlet filtration systems. Exact fit for Donaldson, Braden, American Air Filter, Universal Silencer and other brand inlet systems. View More!
  • Medium Efficiency Panel Filters

    Depth loading pre-filters used in multi stage filtration. Heavy beverage board construction and drain designs protects against moisture for extended life. View More!
  • High Efficiency Static Filters

    M Series high efficiency filtration for static style Gas Turbine inlet filter housings. Features fully sealed media, seamless gaskets, and impact resistant plastic frames. View More!
  • LM6000 Composite Filter Systems

    Custom designed for GE LM6000 inlet filtration systems. Provides two stage filtration. MERV 15 & 16 primary filters with replaceable inner prefilters. View More!
  • Limited time discount for replacement filters for Nederman Pneumafil inlet filtration systems

    View More!
  • PneuMax Cartridge Filters

    PneuMax Cartridge Filters are designed for air inlet filter users that have either turned off or see little impact from using the “self-cleaning” mode of their filter house View More!