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Gas Turbine Inlet Air Filtration

Gas turbine power generation has grown to be one of the most reliable and environmentally friendly methods to produce power. As a result, turbine installations are located in urban, industrial, and remote areas. Many facilities run with small operating staffs and have few resources available to respond if the engines break down.

Nederman Pneumafil designs and manufactures inlet air filtration systems which ensure turbines continually operate at maximum output efficiency. For over 40 years, Nederman Pneumafil has manufactured and installed filtration systems on turbines of every make, including GE (General Electric), Siemens, Mitsubishi, Alstom, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Solar, and ABB, in locations all over the world.

Nederman Pneumafil also manufactures replacement filtration products for all brands of pulse style or static style inlet housings, including Donaldson, Braden, AAF (American Air Filter), and CamFil Farr.

Parts & Service Terms and Conditions

Evaluating Performance Data of Gas Turbine Filters

  • System Types

    Pneumafil designs and manufactures inlet air filtration systems for a variety of locations and applications.

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  • Replacement Filters

    Replacement filters for your gas turbine inlet air treatment system.

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  • Inlet Air Treatment

    Conditions that include excessive ambient air dust concentration may benefit from removing higher volumes of larger dust particles to extend the life of higher efficiency filtration components. Control or management of moisture is another challenge to many turbine inlets where coalescing systems, fog elimination or droplet eliminators can be applied.

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  • Service

    Pneumafil Field Services provides a complete array of services and manufactured components to help power producers get the most out of their gas turbine inlet air system.

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  • Filter Cross Reference

    Check our cross-reference for competitive filters.

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  • Literature

    View and download Pneumafil product brochures.

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  • Applications Guide

    Pneumafil gas turbine inlet systems are custom designed to protect and enhance gas turbine performance regardless of local environmental conditions.

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  • Parts

    Pneumafil provides a diverse supply of filters and related media to meet all of your gas turbine inlet air system maintenance requirements.

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